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Lululemon haul Sept 2011 September 13, 2011

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A bunch of stuff I ordered, only cause I can. And this is after 1.5yrs of unable to shop due to pregnancy and new momma duties.

I deserve it!!!!!!! I don’t care what anybody else says!

Side note: The incompetent driver Fedex can’t read numbers so he dropped it at my neighbors. I called Fedex twice and asked about my missing package. Then I called Lululemon and asked why I had to sign for my last package but not this package. I think it was both 50/50 Fedex and Lululemon at fault on this one.

I did manage to order some more stuff in their “made too much” online store so we’ll see what happens with that.

Otherwise I’m happy with all my items and they relatively fit me pretty well. My favorite is the v neck silverscent shirt I’m wearing now (not pictured).



Don’t let your feelings fester September 2, 2011

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A lot of shit has happened to me over the past 2 weeks. <I wrote a whole bunch of stuff which I wanted to say but deleted it because I have moved on and don’t need to write it out>.  Now we are at ground zero and there’s nothing to look but up. My sis in law has been wonderful. She has been reaching out to me and vice versa. Without her forgiveness and kind heart, things would of turned out differently. I seek my sister in law for kindness and her awkward humor. She makes me smile inside and out. I can finally see her for who she is and not what I perceive her family to be.

Its a daily reminder and gut check I must give myself to be thankful to have inlaws who will always be supportive. They will always love me, and my daughter.

What I learned is to check my ego at the door and be open-minded about others. Don’t let my past affect the future. Live for the present.

Wed Aug 17 – meet inlaws, not internally resolved, need to retaliate

Thu Aug 18 – feelings fester, made public

Fri Aug 19 – called out on festered feelings, scared, insecure, hurt

Sat Aug 20 – preparing for camping trip, busy, emotionally exhausted

Sun Aug 21 – 4 hours to make tent, emotionally and physically exhausted

Mon Aug 22 – Rained out, campsite flooded, emotionally and physically exhausted

Tue Aug 23 – 12 loads of soaking wet laundry, physically exhausted

Wed Aug 24 – second period since giving birth, heavy heavy heavy, physically exhausted

Thr Aug 25 – heavy heavy heavy, physically exhausted

Fri Aug 26 – heavy heavy heavy, physically exhausted, took iron pill due to extreme bleeding

Sat Aug 27 – physically exhausted, period lightening, ate dinner until stuffed

Sun Aug 28 – bikramyoga, threw up last nite dinner and 1 litre H2O, broke down, emotionally and physically exhausted, the pinnacle of my week of hell

Thur Sept 1 – signed off on sold house, anxiety ridden but over now June 12, 2011

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So I was trolling on the internet when Jaelyn was napping and came across I got sold when their youtube video showed their lashes applied on a monolid model..SOLD!!!

I bought their “natural package” of 50 lashes and it was worth it!!!

I really like C5 and F2.








NYX haul!! June 8, 2011

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Ahhh NYX!!







eBay haul #2!!

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Yay!! Got my packages before the postal strike starts *phew*






Garlic Rice

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I made garlic rice again. Previous I made a easy version of hainan chicken with soup and oil rice.

1. Fry minced garlic and ginger in chicken fat until fragrant.

2. Add to soaked rice in chicken stock.

3. Cook rice~ it tastes and smells heavenly 🙂





eBay haul!!

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My eBay purchases came in!! Im very excited because I bought the same hair dye for $2 more at the local asian store.

Both are foam developers and I love them. I do have my cosmetology license and have access to professional product but it doesnt limit me from trying everything on the market.

I especially love these two because they are foam, develop in approx 20 mins (quick!!!) and are high-lift. This is a HUGE plys if youre a new mommy with no time on your hands.