The Everydayshopper, shopper at large! June 12, 2011

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So I was trolling on the internet when Jaelyn was napping and came across I got sold when their youtube video showed their lashes applied on a monolid model..SOLD!!!

I bought their “natural package” of 50 lashes and it was worth it!!!

I really like C5 and F2.








eBay haul #2!! June 8, 2011

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Yay!! Got my packages before the postal strike starts *phew*






>Duo Eyelash Adhesive & Ardell Fashion Lashes April 30, 2009

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So I have jumped on the eyelash bandwagon and I love to wear fake eyelashes. Yes.. I even wore them to the office without anybody noticing too much. Having fake nails and wearing fake eyelashes keeps a peppy step in my walk. Yes it sounds fake but ask any girl who wears them, they put a little luxe in your life~

I occasionally wore eyelashes here and there but seeing there is a big trend where girls all not just wearing them to club nite but to the office, I’d thought I invest in some good glue and glasses. I usually buy my synthetic lashes at the Daiso store in Aberdeen mall and they work great. The glue I have now is the one that dries into a gummy yellow color. I lost my previous one that turns dark so I bought the dark again. I also got the Ardell lashes made out of real hair and see how they work out. We’ll see!