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>What da MAC? April 28, 2009

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The bad habits I’ve accumulated the past month.. But I’m not blaming myself, I ran out of makeup for the last 6 months so I decided to just buy everything !

The first girl sold me on their new Mineralize SatinFinish SPF 15 Foundation and powder. I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup so this is a perfect line for me. Its quite sheer but makes your skin look pretty smooth. The only downside is that the foundation has that darn sparkle in it but its not too much. (Since coming back from the Mayan Riveria I haven’t been able to use this makeup cause I got a shade too dark.. I’m keepin them around for the winter). I also bought their baked mineral eyeshadow, LOVE this eyeshadow.

Overall the MAC mineral makeup work pretty good, what I DO NOT recommend is the Baresenutals mineral powder they sell at Sephora. IT SUCKS although their brushes are great.

The second girl sold me on the Studio Fix(which I requested to buy from the first salesgirl but steered me towards the mineral). I’ve always loved the studio fix, it does a good job giving medium coverage and it has a mirror(a plus!). I also got the DazzleGlass in Steppin Out cause I feel fabulous in it haha

Side note, the 5 times I visited a MAC counter I only got service 2wice but those two times the MAC “makeup artist” aka salespersons were quite fun to deal with.


>Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer April 24, 2009

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Retails for $7.99 at London Drugs 150 ml

“creates a healthy, summer glow all year long just by moisturizing – Designed for Medium/Tan Skin Tones”

I bought this thinking I’d look dark and luscious like Nicole Sherzinger but of course I didn’t. And the moisturizer had those darn sparkles in it. RANT ALERT! A pet peeve of mine is putting sparkles in cosmetics, this reminds me being in grade 3 buying my first bonnebell lipsmacker with sparkles and glitter in it. I find it childish when cosmetic companies put sparkle and glitter in their moisturizers or other things that you shouldn’t be putting all over you face.

Back to my critic. I just came back from Mexico 2 weeks ago and found this might be a good product to save my beautiful burnt tan. No. The lotion smells bad, it has sparkles in it(which makes you look like a glitter queen) and it just doesn’t absorb nicely. As my skin was peeling off, I found the lotion contains some dark coloring and just absorbs into your skin to create the “tan” look.

Would I buy this product again? No.
Would I recommend it? No.
Will I keep using it? Yes.