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The 1st best thing that happened to me d March 14, 2012

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The 1st best thing that happened to me during mat leave was of course Jaelyn, the 2nd best thing was #bikramyoga woohoo!


WOOHOO!! RT @ew: ‘The Dark Knight Rises December 19, 2011

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WOOHOO!! RT @ew: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer: Explosive. Scary. Political?


OMGOMG!!! LOVES IT !!!!! RT @gap: Check November 5, 2011

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OMGOMG!!! LOVES IT !!!!! RT @gap: Check out our new I Want Candy kids line! To celebrate, @mariiiaofficial helped us make a video to “I Want Candy”.


I’m getting successful starting my lulu November 3, 2011

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I’m getting successful starting my lululemon collection. I’ve managed to find my sizes in the items I wanted .. always on sale in their “We made too much” section of their e-commerce site. The only set back is not getting their popular color in the season. Colors don’t matter to me, as long as I stay out of the fuschia to orange to peach area.. as I look extra flushed and red in those shades.

So far I managed to collect a Turbo tank, Spin me tank, Power Y tank, a couple of luxtreme CRBs and reg CRBs in all sorts of colors (usually off season colors).

Prior to giving birth I couldn’t zipper up the largest size hoodie from lululemon. But now I can easily zip up a scuba hoodie in size 12. I’ve collected 2 scuba hoodies, 2 dance studio hoodies, the black swan gratitude wrap, coal savasana wrap, BS Stride hoodie*brushed, Run Essentials jacket, 1 Live Simply hoodie and Audrey jacket.

I also have 3 Run: Swiftly Tech SS, 2 Run: Swiftly Tech LS, 2 Cabin LS II, Run: 1 Silver Bullet Short SS, 2 Run: Silver Bullet LS, 2 Run: Full Tilt Pullover, 1 Apres Run Pullover.

Crops – my fav crop is the Grow and Crow crop. They have a higher coverage on top. I don’t like the astro crop because my gut keeps hanging off the front band LOL. The best relaxing crops are the clam diggers.

I have 3 OM scarves and 1 vinyasa scarf, and the bandana

As for shorts, I have all the RUN shorts. I have 1 groove short and 1 boogie short.

The holiday season is up and the collection will probably get bigger. It doesn’t help that Im faking myself that I’ll need all this for maui LOL *SIGH*


Party Rock Anthem – blinking house by xm October 31, 2011

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Party Rock Anthem – blinking house by xmas lites!! via @coquitlamcentre


#hootsuite Testing 1 2 3 on wordpress October 26, 2011

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#hootsuite Testing 1 2 3 on wordpress


Moving on to Bikram Yoga September 13, 2011

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Something miraculous happened the first week of August. A Groupon came through my email for a new Bikram Yoga studio opening 5 mins away from home. Ive always wanted to try yoga and my husband’s friend is a Bikram’s instruction so he’s gone once before. As I researched this new studio, P (the yoga instructor friend) was teaching at this studio. I am the most insecure person on earth so trying something so new, I needed my husband to tag along.

My first experience was pretty good. I really enjoyed and didn’t mind the heat. I loved that I was sweating all the crap out of my since giving birth to baby. Second experience was still pretty good. Third experience wasn’t good, I didn’t drink enough water so I started going numb and my ears started ringing halfway through. My fourth experience was something to remember.

My fourth experience at Bikram’s was almost life changing. The night before I scarfed down a huge malaysian buffet dinner. I decided Sunday morning I felt energized to go for a session. Everything was ok until again.. halfway through the session. I think we were at the camel position where she quoted this would be the most challenging position and that any emotional garbage anybody was holding on to, that this would be the position to release these emotional. Well I started tearing up really bad but of course nobody notices cause everybody is covered in sweat anyways. At final savasana I balled my eyes out without anybody noticing. I quickly packed up and got into the car(no time to shower cause I need to breastfeed baby as soon I get home). Well… lets just say my entire malaysian buffet dinner came out including the litre of water I had before and during my session. I then drove home and completely broke down with my husband. I puked even more and cried even more. Then I knew I could not lie to myself, I could not lie to bikram yoga.

My groupon ran out a week afterwards. Last week, I decided to take advantage of their back to school special and buy a 40 class pass. Then I bought a bunch of stink-free shirts and tanks from Lululemon to motivate me more.

Bikramyoga is my weekly therapy session and facial session. Its 90 mins for myself and sometimes new mommies like me need that 🙂