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4am pukefests June 6, 2011

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As usual I forgot to burp Jae halfway thru cause im not all there during the graveyard feeds. Woke up Jay cause projectile vomited on the sheets and floor. Ahhh…motherhood. Now Jae is completely awake and practicing her vocals >.<~


>I have RETURNED!!! October 17, 2010

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Well! Lots of things have happened since my last blog on Feb 22.

First off, during the month of June I thought I was losing my mind. I honestly thought I was going mentally insane. It was to the point where I thought I was being undiagnosed with diabetes.

Turns out…

(and I got a dog!!)

I’m going on my 19 weeks now and things have been hectic. Between all of June, July, August and September, I thought I lived the WORST months of my ENTIRE LIFE. Between not eating, feeling sea sick 24/7, going through hormonal changes, feeling weak, exhausted, fatigued, then working on top of that, then moving to another place, I literally thought I was going to die.

Found out that my mom went through the same rough times as I did when she was pregnant with me. I don’t have any cravings and I barely have an appetite but I am sustaining with eating whatever is in front of me. Now I only work 4 days a week with a doctors note cause its just exhausting.

And the dog, we got Robert during Easter weekend when I was going through one of my PMS tyrants. One look at him and I said we had to get him, he was unsold at the random pet store for 4 months. Not the cutest dog but he does have personality. He named him Robert, a no-nonsense name for a no-nonsense dog. He’s half chihuahua half shih-tzu but he just doesn’t look like anything really, just a wiry brown haired year old puppy. LOL!

Anyways, I will make more of an effort to keep up with this blog as the hubby would like me to keep track of my pregnancy some how.