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OMGOMG!!! LOVES IT !!!!! RT @gap: Check November 5, 2011

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OMGOMG!!! LOVES IT !!!!! RT @gap: Check out our new I Want Candy kids line! To celebrate, @mariiiaofficial helped us make a video to “I Want Candy”.


I’m getting successful starting my lulu November 3, 2011

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I’m getting successful starting my lululemon collection. I’ve managed to find my sizes in the items I wanted .. always on sale in their “We made too much” section of their e-commerce site. The only set back is not getting their popular color in the season. Colors don’t matter to me, as long as I stay out of the fuschia to orange to peach area.. as I look extra flushed and red in those shades.

So far I managed to collect a Turbo tank, Spin me tank, Power Y tank, a couple of luxtreme CRBs and reg CRBs in all sorts of colors (usually off season colors).

Prior to giving birth I couldn’t zipper up the largest size hoodie from lululemon. But now I can easily zip up a scuba hoodie in size 12. I’ve collected 2 scuba hoodies, 2 dance studio hoodies, the black swan gratitude wrap, coal savasana wrap, BS Stride hoodie*brushed, Run Essentials jacket, 1 Live Simply hoodie and Audrey jacket.

I also have 3 Run: Swiftly Tech SS, 2 Run: Swiftly Tech LS, 2 Cabin LS II, Run: 1 Silver Bullet Short SS, 2 Run: Silver Bullet LS, 2 Run: Full Tilt Pullover, 1 Apres Run Pullover.

Crops – my fav crop is the Grow and Crow crop. They have a higher coverage on top. I don’t like the astro crop because my gut keeps hanging off the front band LOL. The best relaxing crops are the clam diggers.

I have 3 OM scarves and 1 vinyasa scarf, and the bandana

As for shorts, I have all the RUN shorts. I have 1 groove short and 1 boogie short.

The holiday season is up and the collection will probably get bigger. It doesn’t help that Im faking myself that I’ll need all this for maui LOL *SIGH*