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>Garnier Nutritionist Regenerating Microbead Cream Scrub May 1, 2009

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>The more I blog about my products, the more I notice wow.. I love Garnier~

This time is the Garnier Nutritionist Regenerating Microbead Cream. I bought this because I loved the Garnier green cleansing wipes. Somedays you feel like your cleanser isn’t doing much(its more like you need to exfoliate your face) and thats when I pull out this scrub. Its a white pasty thick cream with tiny green and white bubbles to scrub your face. This scrub is never drying to my face and never irritating. I usually use it once a week or whenever I feel like my usually cleanser needs a kick. I usually use it in the shower while the conditioner is on.

Totally recommend it !


One Response to “>Garnier Nutritionist Regenerating Microbead Cream Scrub”

  1. Marg Says:

    >These are some of my favorite products. Hope you have success selling them. Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog

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